Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 125th class

March 17 125th class

Two and a half hours, as is the norm in Andreiland these days.

Applied two things I stole from saulo's revolution. Actually three. Transition to kob from kesa, worked pretty well. Positioned the knee as he suggested, and it seems to work very well into applying pressure properly. Did a peruvian necktie from side even without properly locking the guy up and it worked nicely. The second time around a disfferent person tucked their chin and bitched about it later. Transitioned to mount as well but forgot to position my leg properly to avoid a shrimp escape.

Did my favorite sweep from the knee cross pass from half which involves rolling the person. Realized that dlr cannot be played if the person goes for a torreanda. Must sit up and work frommthere instead.

I love Bjj.

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