Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th 130th class

Back to a one hour format class, at least for today, for the simple
reason that I need more energy and time to advance in other aspects of
my life. I will be doing a two or three class session but every once in
a while. I will be attending at least a class a day, but won't make it a
habit out of training excessively anymore.

Technique-wise, I've observed how important are the legs in breaking
down a posture for an armbar. I've also discovered that if someone
protects one elbow from the closed guard, but underhooks the far leg, I
can still yank the tucked elbow out, since I have two hands against one:
the armbar would be waiting for me right then and there.

In sparring, I've successfully transitioned more often to the butterfly
guard whenever the partner would get too low, or at least stand up. With
great success, as usual. Worked in sparring the DLR back take by
grabbing the opposite ankle and the belt. It seems to work rather well,
even when done halfway through, since I can jump easily to the back from

Overall, enough JJ for today, can't wait for tomorrow's training.

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