Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3rd 116th class

Was able to defeat Mitch's De la Riva back take using Saulo's sequence,
and that was a pretty big win. I didn't quite pass his guard, because he
ended up working from half-guard.

Used the same defense he showed us earlier from the back : pull the
overhook at the elbow, and also pull at the wrist level. It got me a few
moments of respite until he switched to use his legs with aiding in the
pull of the lapel and seal the deal. I still need to learn to better
defend my back, whenever I do end up giving it to my opponent because of
turtling. The key seems to be protecting against that pesky overhook.

Brando's guard proved to be too much for my lazy self in fundamentals.
Got to half eventually, but we ran out of time (3 minutes only). When on
bottom, I managed to sweep him and take side at least once. The combo I
like more and more seems to be the armdrag combined with armpit knee
sweep combined with triangle, when in open guard. I also play a
triangle/hook sweep combo from the double grip foot on the hip guard.
Lately I've been experimenting with the butterfly sweep, for which I
seem to need a combo or two. I also like to transition to the back from
butterfly more and more.

Sparred with the new blue belt, and the New york blue belt who is really
interesting to roll with as well. I don't yet understand his vocabulary,
but it seems to be centered around sweeps from X-guard/deep half, a game
used by Pierre as well.

Defended both the double underhook and single underhook pass with
Saulo's techniques, and they work like a charm.

Personally, a technique that gets me worried is the straight knee hop
half guard pass, with the second hook at the knee and the crossface.
When I get there, I'm stuck. Can't move my hips, which is scary, and
can't even move my head. I do have at least one hand free in the worst
case, so that could be used somehow to break the guy's balance or something.

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