Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9 120th class

When the opponent is going for a knee cross but got caught in half, and he based the free leg, and he has no crossface set in, sweep by getting my hips under him and grab his knee. Basing out with only his free hand won't cut it.

Got my knee cross pass Saulo style, and I can say I love it especially since it doesn't twist the knee during the pass. Got it right by putting all my god given weight on the guy, with his back mostly flat on the ground.

Great job protecting the neck today, I am proud my myself. Got caught in a face smashing neck cranking smothering shallow triangle which the guy desperately tried to put on after I swept little baby jesus out of him and escaped his best attacks, including an armbar. He used pure espresso to pull in a crappy triangle, so I called it a day.

Used Valentin's own pissing off escape from side kontrol: push hip and arm as you shrimp away. He fell into his own trap. Good times. For me.
2.5 hours of fun as is usual this week.

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