Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday March 8th 119th class

Control of dominant position. Managed a torreanda, Saulo style. Managed to control even Valentin, most of the time.

As he transition from kob from side in positional sparring, executed bruno's escape with great success.

Swept V with the turtle defense/ escape.

Over under defense needs work. People still grab my neck making me vulnerable to chokes and cranks. My defense is getting better but it needs to be much better given the number of times I use the turtle.

For the knee slide to mount from side with the crossface, I am having a lot of difficulty controlling the inside arm. I've found that my side control might be a bit off. The solution seems to push towards the outside arm while trapping the inside arm in between my hip and her shoulder.

With a really wily opponent, such as Donovan, I'm finding myself hunting for the stepover mount with the reverse kesa gatame, but his legs are everywhere. I could transition to regular kesa gatame, but it's a whole other can of worms. As Valentin pointed out, sometimes it's good to fake going for a sub, which makes the guy forget about impeding doom and opens him up for the kill.

Actually what's really interesting is that the person gives up her back if she overdefends the stepover mount.

Personal note. Sparres with a three stripe white, stronger than me. Swept him from a high guard straight into an armbar which was tight but I was too lazy to fight for, and went to side instead.

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