Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27th 144th class

Two and a half hours, despite having strained some back muscle yesterday.

Worked from bottom, as usual, my defense and escapes, mainly. Actually
got a bit surprised as to how little energy is needed to defend most
attacks. Since I was low on power, I had no choice but to use my brain
more, and foresee what the other person would do with said grips. Had a
kind of a mini-revelation today, but some people may get pissed off.
There's two sides to BJJ : defense and attack. Most people can get good
at defending, or at least they look good while defending, but here's the
thing : they defend well because the attacker's moves generally SUCK.
Yes, I've said it, people have crappy attacks in general. Rarely would
you see a well practiced 1-2-3 combo, outside of the closed guard (with
the proverbial armbar/triangle/ (omoplata)). People generally have
crappy attacks (or put quite simply, crappy submissions). As a direct
consequence of that, you will get a lot of chances to play defense. Man,
you can even let the guy get a triangle, and depending on who's applying
it, he could be so far from submission it's not even funny.

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