Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th 133rd class

Did Fundamentals.

Practiced the single under the leg pass with the choke and pants
control. Standing headlock escape, as is customary, by pushing the inner
knee from the inside and pulling the opposite hip.

In rolling, opened my guard right away and let people get me in
butterfly guard. Practiced getting double underhooks and/or the classic
sweep. People put their weight forward like crazy, trying to flatten me
out. I kept working either trying to whip them up with double
underhooks, keeping my position with one underhook and basing with the
other, or defending the smash pass people love to do.

Worked only with blue belts today, so that's a good feeling anyway.
Worked the DLR back take Mitch showed me in live sparring.

Advanced techniques were standing sweep from x guard and standing spider
guard far side sweep (with the leg extended).

Took it slow today to allow my body to recover slowly instead of just
jumping in and being dead tomorrow.

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