Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26 155th class

Black belt class, followed by advanced and fundamentals (technique only, as usual).

Had myself a few competition-style fights, and I sure as hell learned a lot (read: got my ass handed to me). The main thing that really got me out of my comfort zone is the fact that we started from standing. I wasn't ready for that kind of fight, but hey, it's good stuff regardless.

First thing I learned, is that in a fight, you can't leave the takedown to your adversary. The difference between one practitioner and another might be so small, that you might never get those two points back. Secondly, the only things you actually attempt when you're on adrenaline, are those things you know best, and have worked best for you in the past. I seem to gravitate towards a bottom game, based on simple sweeps, as well as some closed guard action. In all honesty, my game from the closed guard sucks. I need to practice it more often if I actually will use it more than a resting place.

Next, I really need to learn to escape guillotines from bottom half guard. Those are really nasty, and work particularly well for a couple reasons : I have a rather long neck, I don't defend it properly (long enough), and I lack escapes from there, whereas the guy can jockey his position to mount or side control. This is definitely something to cogitate on in the near future.

Another point, is that I lack proper options from bottom half guard when the person has their back turned and my arms are free. The best I can do right now is to shrimp out of it, which so far results in a scramble, a turtle and back to half-guard, at which the person can go again to that point. This sucks big time, but hey, I know I have to work on it.

A big big mistake I keep making from bottom half-guard is really starting to get on my nerves as well. A deep half sweep should keep the opponent's stretched leg trapped THROUGHOUT the sweep. I can't switch from one sweep to another mid-way.

It wasn't all that bad, in reality. I got a few sweeps going myself during sparring, against fully resisting people.

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