Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21st 169th class

Had a couple of revelations today.

- When going for the torreanda, and the defender insists on crunching his body, lift his legs up, and he will have to put his back on the mat. Secondly, if he tries to push with his legs, there's a way to keep the position regardless, it just takes practice.

- Discovered a sweep from combat base, but I still need to work on it quite a bit before I make it useful. Top secret stuff.

- Discovered the single-leg guard, and what makes it tick : controlling the outside leg, as far as I understand, as well as posture. One defense seems to be sitting into a reverse half-guard position, and go for a pass. By controlling the leg, and having the de la riva back take ready, the risk is a bit lower so far. Definetly need to work on my transitions from DLR to situp guard.

- Discovered what I do to break a Torreanda grip while sitting up. Pull one hand towards me and kick the leg back.

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