Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27th 191th class

About a month passed since the last log entry, but I sure as hell have been training since.

I have continued to improve my spider guard, and am starting to see the weaknesses that I have when I use it. Since I don't have particularly long legs, people taller than me can sometimes let off that pressure by sprawling back, which leaves me with only a handful of good choices. One of them would be a leg lasso on the side he sprawled. That would actually stop him from passing to either direction and sets him up for the basic leg lasso sweep we've been taught. Another choice, although harder to put into practice, is to try to pull guard. Since the person is so far back, I would normally go for half-guard, at which point I would fight to regain open guard. If I have the luck to regain full guard, I immediately go for the modified flower sweep which hasn't let me down in a while. It's fun to note that people at the gym know me for my sweeps, so they're naturally way more cautious and open up much less than before because of that. It remains to be seen how my game works in competition. I have a workable top half game, couple of submissions from side, mount and back, I can regain open guard from half and I have a decent open guard.

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