Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10 198th class

Making up for yesterday's laziness, here is what I have learned. Mr. T.
showed his transition from side to mount, which I am likely to remember
for quite some time. I've already used it successfully in sparring, so
that speaks volumes about its usefulness, if I was able to implement it
so quickly.
From reverse kesa gatame, grab the person's collar, faking that you're
going for a choke. Then let go of the collar and slide your foot over
the same lapel over to mount, by grabbing it. Sneaky, deadly and useful.
This month's technique of the mount has to be the armbar from the back
with the reverse kimura grip. The overhooking arm grabs the opponent's
opposite wrist, and the underhooking arm grabs your own. Loop the
person's head out from under your overhook while keeping the grip.
Shrimp out. As the person gets up, lift up the person's elbow (easy to
take your time).
Thanks to an ex-wrestler, got another lesson in head control. I was
turtled up facing him, trying to get my head out on one side. His
reaction? Push my head down on the mat with his hand to stuff it. Man,
was that properly executed and timely!

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