Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29 207th day

God Mondays are Rough. Could it be that crappy Mondays are the price I
pay for an unhealthy weekend of pool food intake? Tuesdays seem like a
god-given gift after Mondays. Hell, any other day beats Mondays,
Thursdays seems to be second hardest, but somehow I still have the
energy on Thursdays, but not on Mondays. Oh well.
Got smashed and passed a number of times by different people. Hell,
people I usually dominate triangled me today. I guess this is just
another regular training day, but one of the harder ones. Could it be
that I'm finally hitting a bump in my training? Do I start having the
feeling I'm actually getting worse? I think so, maybe. I think I am
actually evolving as a fighter. These few weeks will probably be a bit
harder than usual until I get over this plateau. No worries, I am
getting better, as long as I walk through that door and fight the rounds
properly. I think this is a beautiful and natural thing. Tough times
precede a sudden leap in skill and evolution. I welcome those tough
times with open arms.
It's like I feel I want to have more force and energy to impose my will.
It's a feeling I haven't had before. It's maybe that my technique is
getting de-adjusted, or maybe that I need to take some time off to
absorb all those techniques and let my body mend. What would be the best
thing to do? Either continue training, change my training or take a
break. Anyhow, I feel within my bones that this art is a marathon. You
can't rush things, you have to let them come to you. The take-home
advice is to find your own beat and follow it. Take as much as your body
and your time allows, without burning yourself out.

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WisdomClerk said...

you can't take a break now that your brother finally joined!!!! you should consider spacing out your workouts and/or fewer hours a week (