Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th 196th class

Learned another big(tm) lesson in grappling tonight. Actually two. First
of all, I really do not need to win at the gym, well not every round
anyway. My past competition changed my whole perspective about
grappling. There's clearly training and competition. From now on, I will
make a conscious effort to flow with the go, because I finally know what
it means. Let the guy advance just a little bit on his positioning, then
steal it back with a good angle and timing. This works especially work
from open guard, since the hips are usually very free to move about.
This attitude opens up the whole aspect, and is an opportunity for both
to improve. I have a newfound appreciation of rolling thanks to this.
Second of all, as a direct consequence of the first point, I will really
make a conscious effort to expand my game, go for stuff I don't know
well or don't know at all, and see what happens. This means ending up in
weird positions pretty often, and that's exactly what I'm looking for.
In competition, I have a totally different mindset. I will use force to
put the other guy in the situations I want him to be in, so I can apply
my stuff.
Thirdly, we have finally learned more critical details about the armbar
from our instructor.
1. Push your groin as close as possible to his triceps.
2. Extend the leg over his neck and put pressure as much as possible.
3. The hand closest to his head will be used as base.
4. Grab the collar with your other hand as you loop your forearm in
between his arms.
5. Keep the grip, use the other leg to push in the crook of his elbow
and start falling to the side a bit.
6. Grab his arm thumb up so he can't spin.
Variation :
1. The guy is too strong.
2. Loop the other hand through.
3. Gable grip by looping the other arm through.

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