Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24 205th day

Techniques I remember:
Shrimp side control escape: push with the elbow and circle for the underhook
Inner leg hook after failed ippon.
Brabo with the gi from half: once he gets the underhook. Drop the overhooking elbow. Keep the weight off the guy.
Knee reaped Mitch when escaping fifty fifty by mistake. He pushed my leg over to pass my spider grd.
Fought like 4 minutes to escape an inv triangle from someones side. Bonehead move. Hate it when guys grab my head from side control then stall.
Played with Donovan from sweep to sweep to sub to sub.
Fucked up a leg under pass stuff so opened up the elbow and rolled. Maybe learn to put the damn knee back in.

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