Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15th 218th day

Got the chance to roll with Prof. Bruno once again, and so I took full advantage of it. Although I still don't fully understand how he passes my guard, and I honestly think it would be a bit pointless to ask, since the whole point of sparring is to find out solutions for yourself. My take-home advice for today is to never accept inferior positions. Say my half-guard sucks. Don't accept to settle for it in any way. This time around, Professor didn't quite allow me to play my game. He stuffed it almost completely, and that's what I need to accept. From now on, I will make an effort to not settle for crappy positions. What I do find increasingly mysterious about jiujitsu, and for this I thank professor Bruno, is how one centimetre in either direction adds or removes leverage in a position. This is very evident when forcing against him and we're pretty much equal in strength. He would move in the proper direction and INCREASE his leverage just enough to overcome my position and jockey his way into a superior position. It's a mental attack first of all.
In other news, I have started inverting quite a bit more often, from pretty much any position (half guard, whenever I defend an underhook pass from spider, etc).
I have had some trouble with people me over my head when working a spider guard pass. I intend to let it happen way more often, in an effort to see what's up. This time around, professor Bruno will accompany us as a coach in the Ottawa competition in October, so I will make an effort and show up.

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