Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21 222nd class

Another fun day at the gym. Wanted to quit early, since I have to get up early in the morning, but what the heck. In the end, it was worth staying. I got to explore once again the way Bruno manages to pass my guard. At the same time, he would undertook the leg, as he stands up, but also sprawling so I have no pressure on his hips. I have already tried inverting, but he's already passing that guard as well before I can establish it by smashing my hips to one side. I try to turtle, but he's already holding my position while already preparing his choke. While I figure that I can't really escape his control, his choking hand is set. I"m essentially playing catch-up with him, pretty much all the time. Richard can sometimes be that much far ahead, and it's kinda humbling because he really makes me pay for my mistakes, unlike Bruno who moves up to a quick choke. 

Anyways, I didn't roll with prof. Bruno today, that was just a reflection on our previous rolls. I did roll with another purple belt who's sadly been out of the gym for almost a whole year, and it shows. Reflexes do go away, sadly, but the technique doesn't. I guess with a few weeks of serious practice, skills do come back rather violently. The knowledge does stay, however, and that kinda makes the whole prospect more encouraging. We all know how important, nay, vital some details are in some techniques, such as the clamping down with your leg while triangling someone, or flattening the far shoulder for a clock choke, or squeezing the knees for an armlock, or having a deep grip for a choke, etc… It's actually pretty darn amazing how a little knowledge like this can make a whole difference between getting tapped and surviving, or tapping the guy out or just controlling him. 

Again, nothing new about today's class, even though it was f****** fun. Richard showed me a sweep I should study some more, but I kinda find it douchy. Hey, if it works, I'll use it. A DLR hook would overbook a person's leg, whereas this control undercooks it. Underhook the heel on the same side with your arm. You've got two directions. EIther push away and kick the leg, or put his weight on your second leg, and sweep him overhead with a tomoe-nage. Thank you Richard!

I've had various success with the one-two spider guard sweep (for lack of a better name), but on lower belts. It's definitely, fucking definitely fucking fucking definitely good technique I have to polish, combined with the other two basic spider guard sweeps, but let's not forget the DLR, knee push sweeps, with which I have a little less success, to be honest. They are more dangerous for me than spider guard, since i can easily recompose spider, but a failed DLR control gets me to half-guard or about to get passed. Mitch does this. He forces me to play DLR (my weak game) by pushing his hips into me to break my spider guard. I need to find a way to counter that properly. So my new problem to think about is : how do I take advantage of someone pushing their hips forward into me to break my spider guard?

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