Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6th 211th class

Only one hour of training today : black belt class. I initially wanted to skip one rolling session, but I went for it anyway : my knee hurts. It somehow got tweaked when I was holding mount a few weeks before. I felt the initial pain, and that should have been my cue to sit it out for a while, but I continued to train regardless, and I am paying the price right now.
Maybe the lesson to be learned is that I should let my knee recover fully. I also realized I stopped eating my litre of fruits, which means I get less nutrients in my body for repairs such as these. Must absolutely find some frozen fruits ASAP.
Other than this, had a good training session today. I am now making a few changes to the way I roll. First of all, I've switched my grips a bit to regular spider guard, for some periods of time, but I like to keep one foot other than on the second bicep, most of the time, even when I prepare a sweep. I'm also playing with the leg lasso, alternating between the omoplata and the two sweeps I currently know from there. THe new grips got me a nice sweep today on Cyrus. He found it a bit too fancy in technique, but it worked in live training. Thank you Abmar Barbosa. I also set up a peruvian necktie look-alike from side control, by faking I want to work from knee on belly. The dude didn't protect his neck, choosing, like I expected, to push my knee off. <Insert Evil Laughter here>. I am actually finding a new kick out of jiujitsu : setups. Man those are fun. Nothing more laugh-inducing than your partner walking straight to the trap you've cozily set up for him. The whole time, you know what's going on, what will go on and what his reactions are. You control the fight.
I have made a conscious effort to apply Bruno's advice : grips, especially when playing guard. I need to keep my grips tighter. That actually has improved my game quite a bit, and I am grateful to him for it. Come to think of it, it's not the first time he told me : GRIPS.
I also find I rely a bit too much on the double leg half guar pass, and that some dudes are able to either get to their knees and push me off (the right escape), or get their knee out and put it between us : requires quite a bit of work.

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