Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8th 213th class

The usual two and a half hours. Got the chance to Roll with Bruno in the advanced class, so I obviously took it.

I tried to open my mind while rolling with Bruno, and he found some of the same weak spots Mitch found in my game, except Bruno can multitask much better and catch me off-guard a lot better than Mitch can. As an example, to escape a spider guard control on one of his biceps, he would sprawl on the opposite side I had my grip on, and at the same time underhook my spider leg, all while I was wondering what the fuck was happening. He did it TWICE. The same exact move. I tried putting more pressure on the biceps, but he put his hips forward to break the control. All in all, that's what I would have done too, come to think of it. It's just that he does it so much better. I might therefore have to reflect on how I'm getting my spider guard passed a bit more.

How my spider guard gets passed.

  • Strong guys tend to use their arm strength to put my hooks on the ground in a butterfly-like position. I would then have to settle for playing that, eventually moving to half guard. My game is effectively KILLED quickly, effectively and silently. Then I would get guys like Duong ask me how come I'm known for spider guard.
  • Technical guys, like Mitch and Bruno tend to push their hips forward into my guard and undertook one side. I would let go of the grips, since I would have no pressure on their biceps.

How I control the spider guard with less experienced opponents

  • Less experienced people first of all never stand. Most of the times I get passed, it's because someone stood up. Yes, I can admit now that I suck when people get up. That's what Bruno did anyway : stand up to try to pass my guard. On the knees, no such luck. That's my territory.
  • Secondly, some guys have the inspiration to simply pull guard after I pulled guard, effectively granting me a sweep. A no-go obviously. 
  • I use the leg lasso to control the position for a while, or go for the regular sweep, when the guy thinks he's passing me on the opposite side of the lag lasso.

How to control an opponent who stands in my spider guard.
  • If I don't have two grips, preferably on different sides of his body, as well as at least one foot on his hip, biceps, whatever, I'm getting passed.
  • Switch from foot on the biceps to foot on the hip with a cross grip, lapel grip ASAP, forgetting about the  biceps. If he's sprawling, arm drag maybe?

Much, much to learn.

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