Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 21st 282nd class

I've observed a new cycle : I discover a new move, and catch almost everyone with it (usually a sweep). A few weeks down the line, people know it, so I have to tweak it, and combine it with something else, based on their reaction and whatever I might have researched, remembered. Usually, it ends with an entry to the holy triad : triangle, arm bar, omoplata, but it can also be a sweep in the opposite direction. Now for the next few weeks, I will make believe I forgot that killer move, but would apply for it when the person least expects it.

Conclusion : we certainly grow together as a team. The better the environment, the better the athlete will become.

At this point, however, my rate of growing has slowed a bit down. I research less new stuff, and I'm more concerned with perfecting whatever I know so far, and that mostly includes thinking ahead, as in, what will be two of the person's reactions, and how can I capitalize on them?

For that to happen, I need to slow the roll down, and before acting on whatever, I now try to guess the person's reactions, and piggyback on their momentum. Purple belts roll like this, and honestly, it's a very fun way to roll : it's rewarding whenever you guess their move right AND capitalize on it.

Had an insane 10x10 training this week. Hard workout for everybody. Managed to complete the sequence, but I realize I could use a little bit more strength/intensity here and there. It was probably easier for me than for people who attempted to pass my guard, since I have to expend less energy, generally.

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