Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7th 274th class

Big day for Gracie Barra Montreal today : Rodolphe Beaulieu obtained his black belt from Prof. Bruno Fernandes, and Georges St-Pierre, UFC welterweight champion, got his 1st degree on his black belt.

Helped teach the Fundamentals class, as usual tonight, but realized something pretty cool : people do things differently, both good and bad. For example, when escaping the rear bear hug over the arms, some people weren't stepping close enough to the other leg, so their trip wasn't powerful enough.

Got a really nice tip from Didier for playing deep half : grab right away the far end of the person's pants (of the trapped leg).

Worked a really nice transition from the underhook butterfly pass, but whenever the person  shrimps and uses a leg to push away : switch for an underhook pass, but pull the second leg back : the pressure really sucks, as it breaks your legs open. I see one opportunity though : grabbing a kimura from that exact position. Got it twice today, on big dudes, and that stuff works!! 

Had some really productive rounds with pretty much everyone I rolled with : took the speed down a notch, and so did my more experienced partners, so we can both feel where the hell we're headed. As the saying goes, you must learn to walk before you can run. 

Overall, a great, great training day. 

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