Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday dec 2nd 271th day

This is my time, this is the day I start to get bjj. Yep, today is the first time I really get it. The big realization at blue belt level is well that you only use a small portion of the incredible arsenal of moves out there. This is especially evident when jumping from gi training to no gi. First of all, for me, that means dropping 90% of my spiderguard attacks, and that's a shocker in the great scheme of things. But the thing is, once you start reviewing your rounds, you see what really works for you and what kills you as well. After a while, you realize the same basic ideas are in pretty much every move we do. Get those fundamentals right, and you become a beast. It's incredibly easy to get swamped with so much info from left and right, but nothing really works in sparring until you get those fundamentals right. I'm obviously not talking just about basic submissions and escapes, but about a general educated feel of when you are in trouble and when you're ok to push some more into a given direction.
As far as I am concerned, this is a very humbling realization. Whatever I think I know, I've just scratched the surface. A little detail like a hand placement an inch higher or lower changes the position completely. It's really hard to believe this, until you realize it for yourself.
This is obviously very encouraging, since it means I can't possibly get bored exploring, not just in breadth, but also in depth. Truly fun times await.

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