Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Dec 12th 275th class

This marked the first time I was on the spot ever, and it went pretty well. Learned a few tricks, such as not giving out all the details at first, since this is a Fundamentals class. Students not only forget the details on the second try, but it might stop them from developing their own skills.
I might have to look at the techniques in more detail for next time, in case I'm put on the spot.

Got owned by Prof. Bruno as if I had just discovered jiujitsu last week, and honestly, it's extremely humbling. Witnessing the level of timing this person developed is otherwordly. Take your best brown belt, divide his timing by 1000, and that would be Bruno's timing - from ANY position. It's simply unbelievable, unless you witness it yourself - and he was still holding back his skill. He was just playing with my timing, just provoking a little reaction, I was going berserk, and next thing i know, I'm defending my back as he was already transitioning to a choke from mount. Rinse and repeat. Unbelievable. I felt as if I was drowning… repeatedly. I tried my best to grip something, but his hip placement was ages better than what I could anticipate based on my own previous experience. He was effectively beating my guard with an inch more or less in either direction. Later on, got the tip to focus more on my grips… I am lazy with my grips, and I admit it. I let the guys give me some grips, then work from there. Wrong attitude.

On the other hand, had another mini-epiphany today. Everything seemed to flow. Technique from technique felt as one, for some weird reason. Everything made sense, in a more general context of sorts. I felt this not during rolling, but during flow. Every move I was doing felt connected.

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