Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20 93rd class

Jan 20 93rd class

Two classes.

Noteworthy tehhniques

The hip throw, also called O-goshi, can actually be performed on the opposite side. The technique likely bears a similar name.

Instead of the now classic, and personally preferable way of escaping a knee on belly, we now have a second option. Wrap the top knee from the outside with the outer arm while also shrimping away from the attacker. Perform a techical standup after making sure the leg is completely wrapped at the knee( and not higher.

Sparring notes
Starting to tap into controlling the mount as well as escaping. While I have better and better equilibrium, experienced blues catch me in chokes, from weird transitions as well as healthy doses of strength.

To my pleasure, I find myself escaping from more and more positions, while seeking more and more sweeps.'In general, I should keep focusing on preventing either neck or lapel control. It seems to be a rather weak point due to my having a decently long neck.

Even with the occasional tap to the experienced blue, I take note of whenever they resort to brutish strength as a personal victory that I am escaping quite well.

As far as controlling white belts of similar experience, I have no trouble whatsoever, getting the occasional side or back control.