Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday 7th 118th class

Two classes as well as techniques for the third class, for a whopping 2.5 hours of training.

Stuff to work on.
I need to both recognize and escape clock chokes from side control. They seem to work when the person is shrimping away from under the side control thus exposing her neck.

Stuff I do well.
Getting mount after a long and evil bridge escape from side control. I seem to stepover mount at the right time. People who tense up as I go for reverse kesa gatame and resist usually fare much better than those who bridge into me.

Techniques worked
Omoplata from a whizzered arm in closed guard. Keep the persons head down as a first point and grab the belt to avoid her jumping over. Should be used as a platform for attacking or setting up a submission.

Triamgle defense counter when person hides the choking arm under the attackers body. Break the grip at the wrist level by underhooking it. Takehome point: with enough time, the person will tap, if the choke is set up at its best.