Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30th 131th class

Two and a half hours today, as energy levels were up there. Great
training sessions, with opportunities for both kicking ass and learning
from more advanced players.

The most important technique so far, has been the knee cross pass, done
from combat base. As I've often encountered, my main problem lies in
pinning his leg with my arm. In itself, it seems pretty silly, since
it's arm strength against leg strength. The best I could do for now is
put a fully extended arm on his knee and put all of my weight on it,
prepping the knee cross. I've found it very important to close my elbow
on his chest as I go for the knee cross, not letting him slide a knee in

I'm grateful to having both great training partners, as well as
challenging ones. I've successfully applied a reverse DLR sweep on two
people, and man, is it gratifying!