Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st 132nd class

Two and a half hour of training today, including two warm-ups. Training
was a mixed bag, as usual. There's people I can manage, and there's
people who can manage me. Overall, a real difference is seen about every
six months of training, in my opinion, and this has nothing to do with
stripes or belts. It is a purely honest-to-god assessment of what it
means to progress in BJJ. Obviously, there's different degrees of black
belts, but time-based graduation seems to be a fair one, as long as it's
more or less every six months of regular training.

Got choked by three different people with the same choke from
half-guard, and got tooled by Mitch, but in a different way this time.
Defeated his DLR, but he switched to inverted and trapped me into it.
After what seemed like a scramble, he started working a choke. Defended
my lapels while being locked with one hook, but seem to be having the
time of my life getting the hell out of there... in a bad way. As soon
as I let go of one lapel, here cometh the bow and arrow. I didn't give
it to him, so he switched to an RNC with one hook in.

I have finally asked someone how to defend the dreaded cross choke from
half, and will be applying it in my sparring, thank god.