Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22nd 170th class

Had a pretty informative roll with Shawn, who has a way of shutting my game down quite a bit. Threatened a tripod sweep a couple of times and a hip push de la riva sweep, but to no avail. For both sweeps, he just gets one leg slightly back, so my sweeps are either way harder to complete, or darn near impossible. Next up, he threatened to complete a torreanda pass more than once. He is very very explosive with it, so that gets me off-guard quite a bit. I have to be more agressive protecting my ankles and grabbling his top collar. In other news, I should review my torreanda defense. Thanks Shawn!

Held side control very well against a stronger guy, and I could see after the roll he was a bit upset. Well, I tried going for subs, but he wiggled out of them, but I always flowed back to side. Not my fault!  He doesn't use proper escapes either, so too bad for him. 

Health-wise, I ate like crap today, and it showed in how quickly I got tired on the mats. It's incredible how important diet is.