Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18 201th class

Yay, broke the 200 number of attendances, but in reality classes are only one hour in duration, so I've trained at GB for 345 hours so far.

Very happy since my brother joined the team today. Gave him some tips on holding side control, and given he's a heavyweight, he can easily hold people down. The problem, as usual, comes when he makes a move. He's so sloppy in his transitions, but he seems to understand very quickly the concepts.

Anyway, so far it looks like this month is really ass-kicking month, since Bruno is showing us more and more deadly moves, and I really mean deadly. As deadly as a creeping slow full guard to back transition using the person's lapel (there's squat the person can do about it, with the right grips). The same lapel that can be used for the brabo variations he showed last week is now used to  terrorize a top player.

Then he dropped the bomb on us with super effective sweeps from half guard with the underhook. Hey, if they work on a brown belt, I'll add them in (they did). The fun thing about them is that they can be combined so well, like steak and potatoes. Man is it fun!