Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25th 206th day

Rolling notes :
Rolled with Prof. Bruno once again, and got a free tip from him : work
on my grips. When playing whatever type of guard, I seem to half-ass the
gripping, so I could work on my grips outside the gym a bit more, or
grip with more conviction. I'm not hurting anyone if I grip the GI a bit
more. He's definitely right on this one.
Second thing I'd like to work on is guard replacement, the ones Cobrinha
shows on his DVDs, for the spider guard. Drilled enough, those are bound
to get me to guard replacement nirvana, which is where the hot chicks
and the booze are. Ok, maybe not, but it's what I should really be
spending my time doing. I personally think that guard playing is a bit
like holding a dominant position. What's the point of studying
submissions from side control if you can't hold the position in the
first place? The same applies to the guard. You can surely learn sweeps
and submissions for most of the positions you find yourself in, and get
by, but it's not until you get your guard replacement up to notch that
you get to practice those sweeps and submissions enough to develop a
cogent game.
With this in mind, I am changing my rolling strategy from now on. I want
to risk getting passed more. I want to get in bad positions (for my
guard), which will force me to use innovative ways to replace my guard.