Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd 283rd day

Had a very nice training session today, filled with joy, sweeps and chokes.

First thing I noticed, is how some people use the word "love" whenever they talk about jiujitsu in general. I mean these guys won't say I like jiujitsu. They'll say I LOVE jiujitsu. They won't say I like to do this technique like this and like that. What they will say is, I LOVE to do it like this, while grinning with sparkly eyes. There's a point in someone's career when they stop liking jiujitsu, it becomes a passion. The rest of the people might end up quitting around the way, sadly, unless they have some other strong reason to keep on course.

I am very fortunate to be part of an ever-growing school where I am constantly exposed to different styles and ideas. There is no uniform mind-set here. Some people are born warriors, with huge hearts, others are incredibly technical and patient, and some are both. We have people who play inverted, deep half, DLR, spider, you name it. Prof Bruno can use his x-guard occasionally to fill the void, however.

On a personal level, I've found that transitioning to deep half is effortless when I can't play spider guard anymore, and it's a bit too late anyway. I can always try a sweep, maybe fail, but at least get back to open guard after the ensuing scramble, or back to deep half. The thing to look out for in deep half, are kimuras, collar chokes (but they don't seem to be that threatening), and the persons slipping out the other way. Control those few, and you'll be golden. I am actually grateful to both prof. Bruno and Didier for teaching me proper hand placement when playing deep half. Fooled with that position for a bit, but I need to work it some more to get consistent about it.

December 21st 282nd class

I've observed a new cycle : I discover a new move, and catch almost everyone with it (usually a sweep). A few weeks down the line, people know it, so I have to tweak it, and combine it with something else, based on their reaction and whatever I might have researched, remembered. Usually, it ends with an entry to the holy triad : triangle, arm bar, omoplata, but it can also be a sweep in the opposite direction. Now for the next few weeks, I will make believe I forgot that killer move, but would apply for it when the person least expects it.

Conclusion : we certainly grow together as a team. The better the environment, the better the athlete will become.

At this point, however, my rate of growing has slowed a bit down. I research less new stuff, and I'm more concerned with perfecting whatever I know so far, and that mostly includes thinking ahead, as in, what will be two of the person's reactions, and how can I capitalize on them?

For that to happen, I need to slow the roll down, and before acting on whatever, I now try to guess the person's reactions, and piggyback on their momentum. Purple belts roll like this, and honestly, it's a very fun way to roll : it's rewarding whenever you guess their move right AND capitalize on it.

Had an insane 10x10 training this week. Hard workout for everybody. Managed to complete the sequence, but I realize I could use a little bit more strength/intensity here and there. It was probably easier for me than for people who attempted to pass my guard, since I have to expend less energy, generally.