Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12th 290th class

Excellent class today! Had the chance to roll with prof. Rodolphe, and he quite amazed me with the smoothness of his game. He really DOES know enough technique to actually sweep the living jeezus out of you any time he feels like it, or more like when you put any sort of resistance, he HELPS you get there, in a very weird way. Got swept with the same sweep three times. He got the Smount out of which I muscled to a triangle, omoplata, then his setup, then back to square one.

Asked a white belt which whom I was sparring to hit me a bit when I go for the hip throw,as well as I'm on the bottom of the closed guard. Turns out he was a wrestler as well. Cool stuff, hope I didn't piss off the instructor.

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9th 289 class

Coached a Huge class of probably something like 50 people. Blue belts with stripes and up took a line all by themselves, and the white belts and lower blues another whole lane. Crazy insane. David had a nice idea of having everyone break fall in one direction only, so people don't fall on each other's heads : a good idea indeed.

Showed the break fall, technical standup, flower/pendulum sweep and the arm bar from there. For next time, I have to insist even more on breaking the person's posture with the free leg (under the armpit), and insist on bringing the person's weight on top for the sweep to work.

Had a few very slow rolls in the advanced class, but we only rolled every second round, due to too many people being on the mats. 

In black belt class, we worked on  Z guard passes : the key is a level change pass with opens up a knee slide. If the hook stays in, go around in either direction, but keep pressure on the person with your hips.