Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18th

After a little while of thinking over a problem I'm having, I have come up with a new sweep. I mean it's new to me, as in I've never seen it applied, but someone somewhere may have developed it as well. I probably just do it a little differently. My bread and butter is to switch a lot between the tripod sweep and knee push scissor sweep. I also notice people defend the knee push sweep by basing the leg in a combat base type position. Sometimes it's hard to get a DLR hook in there. I've actually inspired myself from sweeps I've seen elsewhere to make this one up. Grab the same grips as if you were doing a tripod sweep, but the leg on the side of the controlled arm will push on the knee which is supporting the combat base, whereas the other leg is pushing to the right. In all honesty, I have to test it against white belts first, and see if it goes anywhere.

A second thing I've noticed is how some people defend the tripod sweep. They turn their hips perpendicular to my guard, and I have to take advantage of that, probably with a deep DLR hook for a back take.

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