Monday, July 9, 2012

It's not just about myself anymore !

I genuinely think of ways to improve my teaching. Different students have different needs, but the technique needs to be shown once for everybody. Should I use increasing levels of detail, or decreasing? How many times do I need to repeat a specific detail (either verbally or visually) ? Should I try to show the move five times instead of 3, but the last two repetitions without any explanation ? Questions, questions and more questions.

On the other side of the curtains, I realize more and more that I use the same moves (Which incidentally work well for me) over and over again. I know when to use a certain move, and I know what opportunities I create by having a certain move fail. My repertoire is pretty limited, but it's growing, I'm consciously linking more and more moves together. I have favorite grips from certain positions, and I'm dangerous with them. Well, dangerous is a big word... I'm functional.

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