Thursday, September 6, 2012

New perspective

I am finally making even more progress linking moves together when attacking. If the opponent goes one way, he exposes something. If he overcompensates on the other side, he gives me something else.

I have also rediscovered the crosschoke once again, getting it from open guard. I've been focusing a lot on breaking posture properly, with a deep grip, and that opens up the choke all the time.

I also am working on a new option for when the person is scared of the scissor sweep : the knee pick. I also work on options for DLR with belt grip. Learned that the proper hand placement is about triangling the person's knee between my forearm and knee. All in all, lots and lots of details to stuff I thought I knew. Even armbars from the back I improved, techniques I rarely use. Some of this stuff I steal from other people, some of it I discover myself. Anyways, whenever I learn a new technique, I really pick it apart and try to understand it properly.

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