Thursday, November 14, 2013

Natural advantage...

Demo by andreitan
 a photo by andreitan on Flickr.

What is your opinion on using our natural advantage in rolling ? Do you think it's fair for a big guy to use his strength, for a smaller guy his speed and a flexible guy... his flexibility ?

I sometimes hear people complain that such and such is using their natural advantage, and this is why they do so well. Often, it sounds more like an excuse, and a justification for their own lack of performance. I believe that it is normal for big people to use strength, stack, and generally power through moves, since after all, that's how they adapted jiu-jitsu for themselves. Some people discredit "fat" people right off the bat, by saying "yeah, that move works just because he's big", regardless of whether they hurt the other person's feelings or not. Not only does this lack finesse, but the person who complains never mentions how he used his own speed and athleticism. He takes that advantage for granted.

Ironically, the way each type of body functions actually makes jiu-jitsu more interesting than it would otherwise have been. Think about it : how would you feel if everybody was the same weight, height, had the same power and flexibility ? Pretty boring, right ? I think so too.